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YELLOW SAPPHIRE GEMSTONE, The name in Hindi is (PUKHRAJ), Best original gemstone represents the planet Jupiter. Yellow sapphire is known to increases chances of profit in business and export import deals and it is believed that it boosts the amount of profit too. 

Jupiter in sanskrit is known as Brahaspati or Guru. Jupiter is said tobe the intellect and speech of virat purusha, the cosmic body, some times he is identified with Ganapati (Ganesh) and sometimes with Angiras (The priest of the gods and lord of sacrifices).  In the Rig veda Brahaspati is said to be worn in the  sky  with seven faces and seven rays. Brahaspati defeats his enemies and breaks their forts. No ritual scarifies can  be complete without invoking this teachers of gods.

In the skanda Purana, It is said that Branaspati worshiped shiva for a thousand years and as a reward shiva made him the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is a sattivik and benefit planet, signification or Luck and Fortune, He rules religion, Philosophy, Spirituality, Wealth progeny and Good relationship with progeny, It brings benefits to whatever planet or house it is associated with the related color is yellow, Thursday is this day, and north east is his direction.

Jupiter also effects Long-Distance travel, Wisdom, Truthfulness, Morality, Charity, Benevolence, Compassion, and Meditation. Jupiter  is very important for a females, because it determines her marriage and her relationship with her husband, All people with high ambitions, Calm persons, Priests religious, Teachers, Politicians Ministers, Foreigners, and persons in the legal Profession are influenced by Jupiter the gemstone of Jupiter is the yellow sapphire. 

In case that your horoscope has Jupiter frolicking a malefic role. wearing Yellow sapphire can also harm you instead of giving you positive results.  It is also you positive results.

Yellow sapphire is excellent for soothing and focusing the mind, letting the discharge of mental stiffness and annoying thoughts, It inspires opening the mind to exquisiteness and perception, fetching lightness and ecstasy as it reinstates balance with it.


Yellow sapphire is very favorable for the ladies who are suffering delays in finding a good life partner. Yellow sapphire to ensure that there are no hitches and delays in marriage. Not only this if there are problems only  of getting a child Jupiter also raises chanes of getting a new one born in your family. Placing a yellow sapphire or (Pukhraj) in your home or in cash boxes is said to attract riches and it is believed to  increase earnings.

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) inspires the mind and perception in executives (Teachers, Minister, Writers, Journalists, Good Judgement, Lawyers.) Yellow sapphire is worn by someone or carried the stone must necessarily touch the body of the wearer, or the effects will not happen.

Yellow Sapphire Rashi (Pisces, Sagittarius)

Nakshatra : (Punarvasu, Vishaakha, Poorvabhadra) 

Yellow sapphire can be worn people having (Guru Mahadsha, Guru Antradasha), Yellow sapphire can be worn in Gold & Silver ring. But before wearing a yellow sapphire consult an expert astrologer

Yellow Sapphire can be double in power by chanting a special mantra at the time of wearing . The mantra is given by Amman Navartna Jewelers at the time of Astrology Prediction.

By an expert Astrologer Acharya G Prakash


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