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RED CORAL Gemstone the name in Hindi is (LAL MUNGA), It represents the Planet MARS , Mars denotes courage, anger, extreme sexual desire, quarrelsome nature, cruelty & self confidence, Red coral is considered a hot gemstone by nature. Red coral ensures confidence and enhances positive energy of Mars,  will power is strengthened  and the native becomes brave. Relation with younger brothers are improved and the wearer gets Co-operation from his born.

Red colour Mars or (Mangal) is the 4th planet from the sun, it is the nearest outer planet from the earth, It is the seven largest planet in the solar system it is also called Red planned because it is a red-orange in appearance, This appearance is caused by iron oxide, Iron oxide is present on its surface. The distance between the mars and sun around 141.6 million miles. It is similar than earth and its radius approximately half of the earth, It is mass is 11.2% of the mass of the earth . Mars is having the highest mountain in the solar system which colympus Mons. It is surface is full of valley, volcanoes craters, and ice capas on poles.

Mars is considered a furious and explosive planet emitting red color, That's is why, all the injuries, burn and accidents suffered by human being are caused by malefic effects of mars. Negative mars causes loss of blood either through (Major Surgical operations or by Serious wounds). This planet also governs the land and muscular of an individual , If mars is positive and powerful in the horoscope, the person will be (Generous , Energetic and Prosperous).

In Astrology placement of mars in certain houses is responsible for Mangalik Dosha. This is considered a serious dosha as it affects the marriage of the native may even cause operation due to rash or rough behavior of the partners or indulgence in extra marital affairs,  This dosha is generally analyzed at the time of marriage of boy or girls. If both have placement of mars in specified houses in the horoscope, This dosha is nullified some other combinations in the chart also pacify this dosha.

Red coral (Lal Munga) gemstone in a ring the continuously vibrating power of mars is absorbed in individuals aura, Thus the aura becomes more powerful to protect the individual from any obstacle caused through any external negative energy. Red coral is also recommended for Mangalik Dosha


Red Coral (Lal Munga) the wearers gains confidence and fells energetic and active, It can ensure harmony in married life placement of mars in certain situation in the chart sometimes causes heavy debts, It is believed that Red coral helps in such situation and wearer is able to gather sources to deal the debt. The Ladies wear Red coral  for longevity of their husband.  

Those who are in the field of (Surgery, Medicines, Marketing, Technical, Computers, Electricity, Fire- works, Manufacturing & Engineering etc) Should wear Red coral with the consultation of expert Astrologer. Negative , Malefic or weak mars denotes many diseases like ( Acidity, Ingestion, Stomach ache, Fever, Small Pox, Lack of energy level , Piles, Boils, Measles etc, Wearing Red coral can help in curing these diseases.  

Red Coral (Lal Munga) Rashi (Aries, Scorpio)

Nakshatra: (Mrigashiras, Chitra, Avittam)

Red Coral can be worn people in horoscope having (Mangal dasha, Mangal antradasha & Mangalik dosha). Red coral can be worn in Gold, Copper & sliver) in ring. 

Red coral can be worn, But finally before wearing this gem the horoscope should be got analyzed by expert astrologer.

Red coral can be double power by  chanting special  mantra . The mantra is given by Amman Navratna Jewelers only at the time of astrology consultation.

By an expert Astrologer Acharya G Prakash

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