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DIAMOND GEMSTONE The name in Hindi is (HEERA) , Best original gemstone represents the planet Venus, (Shukra) by Hindu shastra, Natural diamond are unique ultimate gift for a loved one, The wearer of diamond with better relationships and an increases in inner strength. Wearing diamond is  purported to bring other benefits such as Balance, Clarity & Abundance, It is also symbolic of eternal love.   

Venus (Shukra) is the son of Maharishi Bhrigu, He worshiped shiva and learned from him the method by which he could bring them back to life after they were killed in battle. Venus belongs the Brahmin caste , Venus in Astrology rules over your Martinal and Sexual life, relation with spouse and their appearance behavior relation with females  (Daughter's, Mother), Venus stays in each sign for abut 1 month except for retrograde motion twice an year & usually takes 1 year to complete a zodiac sign.

An embodiment of love he is a benefic planet and governs the refined attribute, Romance, Beauty, Sensuality, Passion, Comforts, Luxuries, Jewelry, Wealth, Art, Music, Dance, Season, of spring Rains & Bedroom. Venus is strong and it brings wealth, comfort attraction to the opposite sex in the early part of life. It makes its natives tender, Gentle and considerate ,  White dresses, Decoration, Perfumes, Tasty foods, Fine arts.

Wealthy people who maintain a luxurious lifestyle, Movie and Television stars, Artists, Models, Fashion Designers, Intellectuals who influence society with their speech or Writings, Politicians with Chairman have benefic Venus In Horoscope. 

When venus will be be malefic in  horoscope Their life will be comfortable since childhood but will suddenly loss all property when they grow up, Their talent will be used against the society they make fake certificates Currency notes, Gold etc without getting caught, Indecent talk and behaviour with opposite sex, Interfering in every social issue but not daring to find solution, Addiction to alcohol or drugs will defame them, These people have multiple excuses to avoid work and if forced blame it an other.

Venus metal is Silver, it's gemstone Diamond, The day is Friday and the direction is South-east.

Diamond gemstone is worn for Venus, If a a person is unable to get the auspicious result of venus, The person should wear diamond to reduce its in auspiciousness, If  Venus is influenced by malefic effects in the birth chart or placed in malefic house, It is unable to give a auspicious result. Diamond is known as Vajramani or Indramani in sanskrit. Diamond is good to wear for Happiness, Beauty, Creativity, Jewelry Literature, Vehicles, and to invest in shares. It is also worn for marriage, Music, Gambling cultivation of cotton, Love affair, Poetry and for the ability to act.



The woman who runs a business of cosmetics or beauty products can wear diamond to get good results. It is favorable to wear this gemstone when attraction towards opposite sex increases, If the person is facing problems in marriage, he should wear diamond. It is believed that the person who wears this gem does not have fear of Supernatural power, The person is able to defeat his enemies and dominate his competitors. The person who wears diamond is blessed with wealth and prosperity. This gemstone also helps maintian physical and mental strength.

Wearing a Diamond gemstone (Heera) helps in the business and profession of (Film Producing, Direction, Film Distribution, Actor, Artist, Lyrics writer, Dances, Diamond jewelry, Silver and Gold Ornaments, Designers, Clothes and Jewelry, High-tech vehicles, Hotels and Restaurant, Sweets making, Entertainment Business, Perfumes, Silk Garments, Cotton, Wheat, Sugar Rice, Milk etc.

The diseases cured by Diamond are (Sexual Disorder, Infertility, Bareness, Sperm problems, Sexual desire problems, Bowel diseases, Kidney, Eyes, Constipation, Gastric and cough problems.


The person who is unable to wear diamond can wear its substitute, However the substitutes of gemstones are less effective, (White Sapphire, Zircon, White Tourmaline and White sfatik of more than 3 carat  can be considered as the alternative of diamonds.

There are many qualities and and uniqueness in diamond. There are three main qualities of diamond, Beauty, Strength and Coolness, Due to these qualities, Diamond is known as the Queen of the Gemstone.

 Diamond Gemstone (Heera) Rashi (Taurus, Libra)

Nakshatra: (Bharana, Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashaada)

The Diamond gemstone can be double in power by chanting a special mantra at the time of wearing . The mantra is give by Amman Navratna Jewelers at the time of Free Astrology Prediction. 


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