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GEMSTONE JEWELLERY IN BANGALORE AMMAN GOLD & DIAMOND LLP BRINGS TO YOU BEST DIAMOND GEMSTONE Friday Wearing Stone DIAMOND ( HEERA ) Gemstone Suitable Rashi:- Tula Rashi , Vishrab Rashi Best Diamond gemstone represents the planet Venus, (Shukra) by Hindu shastra, Natural diamond are unique ultimate gift for a loved one, Diamond is known as Vajramani or Indramani in sanskrit. Diamond is good to wear for Happiness, Beauty, Creativity, Jewelry Literature, Vehicles, and to invest in shares. It is also worn for marriage, Music, Gambling cultivation of cotton, Love affair, Poetry and for the ability to act. We give Gemstone with astrology consultation By our Pandit ji Shri Acharya G Prakash Best Vedic Kerala Astrologer in India very Famous Astrologer & Gemologist We give Gemstone for 10 days trail period
  • 2019-03-15T07:10:43

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